Donate for Health of Tribal (Vanvasi) of Sonebhadra during this Covid Pandemic

Donate for Health of Tribals of Sonebhadra during this Covid Pandemic


Sewa Samaprpan Sansthan has planned to organize medical camps in all villages of Sonebhadra district through Sewa Kunj Ashram, Chapki as its nodal centre. Details you may see here:

At the time, medical camps on daily basis are organized at different villages. Bhabhani, Kachnarawa and Nagvan blocks are being covered these days. Bhabhani is being coordinated by doctors from local hospitals. Ashram Chikitsa Pramuk Dr. Suman Lal is heading Kachanarvan block and Nagvan block is being taken care by doctors from Varanasi. 

Villagers are avoiding any medical camps etc organized by government with the fear of getting vaccinated. They are also not taking Corona disease seriously. At one hand they are unable to reach Robertsganj Covid Centre and on the other hand they have apprehensions towards Covid and vaccination. But as they are recognizing Ashram team, they come and take medicines. Meanwhile, the team make them aware about the disease and removes apprehensions towards vaccination.

As it might cost to take patients to Robrtsganj about Rs 50000 through private means due to this situation, Ashram is in process of developing Isolation Center at Ashram. District CMO has promised to extend help by sending doctors once or twice a week. Serious patients will be taken to Robertsganj by Ashram ambulances also. 

Come forward and donate. You may please donate directly to bank account. 

Bank account detail for Donation:

Sewa Samarpan Sansthan

Account Number: 10703990890

Branch Code: 1622

State Bank of India, Renukut, Sonbhadra, UP.

Note: You will get tax rebate on donation. (

Address for sending cheque:


Sewa Kunj Ashram,

Chapki, Babhni,

SonebhadraUttar Pradesh-231223

Contact Detail

Anandji 9415678112

Support by offering books

Education is a tool which can terminate all the boundaries, the boundary of poverty, the boundary of illiteracy, caste, creed and capitalist. The discrimination of literate and illiterate can easily distinguished, but by didn’t of awareness, by dint of value, by dint of importance, they are still lacking and moving in the darkness. But there are always torch bearers, who focus, who give rays for moving path. Sewa Kunj Ashram is such an organization which articulate and bring awareness in such a poverty stricken and remote area. Such among them is Sonebhadra district. In the midst of dense forest, numerous tribes are living. Among them, mostly are well diggers. In such circumstances, there are unable to give basic needs which their children require. As the Ashram, which is helping them by giving free hostel facility and prepare them for cracking examination such as Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Entrance Examinations, Polytechnic Examinations, engineering entrance examinations etc.

For the pursuit of spreading of education, you can also help these needy children. For such a good cause, you can contribute by giving books for preparing above examinations. These books are not only books, but for them their fate, their future which can brighten by you also.

For you kind information, Mahesh from Sewa Kunj Ashram Cleared JNV Entrance Exam 2017. Other may can.

For your kind info, 230 tribal children are staying in Sewa Kunj Ashram Chapki. Class fifth students are encouraged to appear in JNV Entrance Examination which may open wide opportunity for transforming their lives.

You may send books at following addresses:

Krishna Gopal, Sewa Kunj Ashram, Karidar, Chapki, Babhni, Sonebhadra, UP -231223, Mob. No. : 9415678112, 7897493687, 9451998387

Link for online shopping of book:

Note: You may send other books including old ones also to enrich our libraries

Vidyalaya Bhawan Ka Shilanyas

sewa kunjsewa


Honorable President Ramnath Kovind Visited Sewa Kunj Ashram

IMG-20170722-WA0004 (1)

ET-11 lights Sewa Kunj

Contribution of ET-11 batch is fantastic. They have done wonderful job to regularize evening classes in EDC under the guidance of DGM (EDC). The trend which was initiated at NTPC Shakti Nagar, developing core center at NTPC Mauda (UPAY, a name given to us) and now NTPC Rihand Nagar in more vibrant form because of active participation of this batch.
While doing commendable work here in EDC premise, they also frequently visited Sewa Kunj Ashram. They not only taught children their but also enjoyed with them by playing, listening music etc.
Sensing the difficulty students are facing at the Ashram, they contributed some solar lamps to reduce the problem of light to some extent. This is nice trend which would inspire all the batch who will come for training in future.
Whoever went Ashram felt the warmth of service got emotionally attached to the children and people living there. One of them expressed his feeling by these words, “Sir, we really enjoyed and felt the happiness which comes by offering things.”
People are coming and going, but the idea that they would depart from this place forever really pinches all of us.

Makar Sankranti Utsav

Annual function on the very occasion of Makar Sankranti was celebrated at Ashram. Ashram was well decorated by the students with Doctorji under the guidance of Anandji. Map of India was great attraction for this time.

The Presence of Kripaji, Maniramji, Veerendra Shuklaji made the day very unique. Engineers of NTPC, Hidalco came to celebrate the event. Villagers, guardians of all students were present on this occasion and they felt how the people from outside working in various companies are involved in their development. Students presented cultural program making the event hilarious.

 Six sets of archery were donated by NTPC Rihand. Alok Dubeyji, engineer  at NTPC Rihand presented this to Kripaji for offering these to students. People  clapped with joy on the mentioning of NTPC.

Coming of three JNVians Alok, Lalitesh and Maheshwar from IT-BHU to participate in this event for learning the dimension of service  added new charm in the event. Hope in future more students from different colleges will come here to spend their part of holidays for the service of nation by helping these students with the hope these through these students, this area will get developed.

Finally and not the least, the presence of Sanni Saran who brought me here first time and Shashank my friend working in NTPC Shaktinagar made the day special for me. Later Ashutosh Sir and his team came which shows more people are there to look after the Ashram and students staying here.

Sharad Mela @NTPC Rihand Nagar

On the invitation of Vartika Mahila Mandal, NTPC Rihand, children of Sewa Kunj Ashram came here and enjoyed in Sharad Mela.  At one hand they got chance to enjoy with modern entertainment means, on the other hand NTPC employees got chance to shoot arrows. Great experience for everyone.

Memorable visit to Sewa Kunj

When I first held meeting with some Executive trainee batch at NTPC Rihand Nagar, some students suggested me to meet Nupur, a trainee at VindhyaNagar who had shown quite interest in CSR in PMI introduction program. I got chance to meet her when I went Shakti Nagar to meet my old children and volunteers there. I explained everything about the Ashram. She was eager to bring all ET batch there in Ashram.

Later I was not able to line up everything and we never communicated for past two months. Day before yesterday she called me and expressed her desire to visit the Ashram. I was quite reluctant as I myself was quite busy and also not in a state to tell others at that last moment. But she told that she was not going to enjoy with her friends and missed Varanasi trip for seeing the Ashram. In such scenario I couldn’t deny her. So I promised I would arrange for her visit and suggested her to come here early in the morning by bus.

Yesterday I was in plant. I called some ET batch so that they would go there. But my trusted ETs were going to Vindhya Nagar for medical check-up. One ET had sever stomach ache. Girls were not ready to go as they got chance to sleep after spending many sleepless night for PMI exam preparation. So there was no option for me and I decided I would go. It was 9 O’clock. I thought Nupur might have cancelled the program. I wished so. But I called to get the update. She told that she was coming with her friend, Manoj from Kanchipuram, TN. Manoj had some work so they delayed. I suggested her to cancel the program and come next Sunday with more friends. But she insisted that next Sunday they would go for OUTBOUND training at Bandhavgarh. She insisted to come. I again was unable to postpone the program.

It was a rigorous task to arrange a car and to get someone ready to go there. Aman and Rahul Pandey sir both tried for that. Aman getting frustrated suggested me to buy a car. Coolly I suggested him, we are in social work and going Ashram and teaching children is not only the social work, but to ask people for help is also part of that work and we should not get frustrated. Just believe on God and put your hundred percent. He understood the logic.

At the end one boy Mayank Kumar called a taxy owner and finally one vehicle was arranged at the last moment.

The journey of Nupur and his friend was not so easy. They went Baidhan for catching a bus. They had to wait for two ours there before the bus departure. The road from Baidhan to Bijpur is really bumpy. It is really a torture to body. But they reached Bijpur without complaining about the journey. We directly went Ashram, played with children, shoot arrows on the target and enjoyed Ramras.

She wanted to returned on the same day. I didn’t allowed as I knew how difficult would be the journey in the night here. Finally we came back to NTPC Rihand Nagar. Conducted a brief meeting with ET batch. All girls were sleeping. I told them to wake up and come in meeting. For God sake, they respected this idea and got prepared soon to attend the meeting. We discussed future course and ended the meeting.

Nupur stayed with her friend and college-mate Khushboo, and Manoj came with me. I was too tired. I fell down on my bed and took one hour sound sleep and then woke up for dinner.

After dinner, Rahul Gunawat asked for favour in his crusade for resolving mess problem getting emotional to see the problems faced by mess workers by misconduct of some engineers due to their bad habits. I wanted to solve the problem amicably but that nonsense boy was not in state to listen before I rebuked.

“Can I say the day eventful !”

Sewa Kunj Ashram

A hope for children of tribal of Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh!

Most of these tribal population have been making their livelihood on traditional means. Small Chinese gadgets and Chinese watches are a few items which introduce them about the modern tech. world. Education was something alien for them. In such a scenario of destitution, people are sinking in darkness. Here, criminality is on high rate. They have no hope.

Sewasamarpan Sansthan brought a hope for these community by opening an hostel named Sewa Kunj Ashram at Karinar, Bhabhani Block, Sonbhadra. Presently 75 children are taken care of at this Ashram. They are provided shelter, food, clothes and the most important education.

For the kudos of Ashram, one children after finishing his study from Ashram went  for pursuing engineering from a reputed college. He is the first to become engineer from his community in this district.

For running Ashram we need larger support. Waiting for Your reply and word of encouragement.